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I AM the Light


Both "I AM the Light of the World" and "I AM the Light," that I created a year ago at Easter, grew out of my fascination with the Paschal hymnology and rituals of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Easter midnight vigil and procession of the Holy Fire comes down from the altar to be passed from candle to candle among the celebrants, culminating with the illumination of the church. Exactly at midnight, when the Light comes down from the altar, we sing the Easter hymn: "Come ye, take light from the light that is never overtaken by night, come and glorify Christ who is risen from the dead." Traditionally, the Holy Fire descends from above, through a miracle in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, in Jerusalem. This happens year after year, as many witnesses acknowledge.

In this work, I portrayed the divine Light coming from above in flames. A beam illuminates the central candle, held by the hands of the priest, surrounded in a radial manner by human hands holding candles. The picture unintentionally resembles an eye, a lion's face, or a peacock, all highly symbolic. The divine light, portrayed by an eye, illuminates and nurtures each human soul. Everybody becomes united around God and His Light.


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